Monday 30 June 2008

A Busy Life

Tis been a busy few weeks, hence no posts! It has eased up recently since we finished the finishing touches to the flat.My parents spent a few hours down with us putting up curtain rails etc etc. The flat is finished apart from the main electric hook up which is taking a fooking long time to sort out!
I even managed to drag Drew to Tesco's the other week to do a bit of shopping, tins, jars etc which was fun and also made a nice dent in the joint acount mmmwwwaaaahhhhh!

Last week it was my birthday and my gorgeous man treated me to a day out in London Baby! We had a great day, took a bus tour round the city which was fab, followed by a shopping trip down Oxford Street and then onto the London Eye. It was an amazing adventure, unfortunatly we didnt have much time but we did it. On arrival back to Exeter we took a pit stop to Toni and Alex's for my pressie which is sooooooooo cool, it was the front cover of heat magazine "Im going to London to buy heat magazine"! It has pics of me all over it, young and old, also Drew, Ryan and my Matty made front cover. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, thanks guys!

On Friday we went to see MEATLOAF in Plymouth, he was fantastic, a little slow but brilliant, def the best concert ive been too so far.
By this time I was exhusted, completly burnt out so spent Saturday in bed together untill the "2" needed a splish splash before the meet on Sunday.
Also got a tad drunk Saturday nite at Colins 60th bash at the Con Club and I may have been a little sick lol!

Monday 12 May 2008

A summer weekend

Thank god the weather decided to get better for the weekend, it was lush!
On friday I pushed the boat out and washed the car, I was even contemplating washing the " 2 " aswell lol. SDat we spent the day at Drew's cousins, sunning myself in the sun and putting up a huge tent Lyn and Nic let us have, which was promptly followed by a BBQ. Bloody top it all off we popped round to Gee and Amanda's had loads of fun on the wii.
Sunday Vic and I bought the curtains for the flat, not s expensive as I thought so all good and later went down double locks with Toni, Alex and my fav little amn Ryan, was really nice, I got left alone with him for bought an hour and we chatted loads lol.
But after such a nice weekend a big black cloud seemed to sit above me and ive been miserable ever since, I couldnt get to sleep now Im wide awake and have been since 8.30 am, morning off i'll have you know and still cant shake it off!

Monday 14 April 2008

Flat soon

Flat soon, Flat soon, Flat Drew's blog


Saturday 22 March 2008

New Kitchen

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love being in the kitchen and today I got to choose my very own kitchen!!!! How excited do u think I was.......VERY lol! Drew and I had an appt at B&Q AT 11.30 am today and saw a designer and sat and discussed what style we wanted which is Oak Style Shaker with Ebony Granite worksurface etc etc, well cool, she was tapping away on her laptop and came up with a lush kitchen which I have already decided whats going where. Cant wait to fill up those cupboards and cook till my hearts content in MY KITCHEN woop woop!

Monday 25 February 2008


Well a few weeks have gone past and babies have been born...
Ryan James Coles 4lb 10oz 9th Feb o8-
Cute as cute can be, totally adoreable
I would also like to say to the proud parents of Ryan, Toni and Alex well done he's lovely and you know im besotted and would like to thank you both for letting me come to your midwife appt's etc to see and hear the wonders of pregnancy it was amazing and ill never forget it. Love you both( Toni more of course, sorry Hole) xx

Also Leo Kevin Morgan- 6lb 60z 18th Feb 08
This one is my 1st nephew very cute, looks like Rubi (his sister) when she was born so he will be a bloomin Brtistow thats for sure and my Dad and John ( Leo's dad) are fighting over which footie team to support, it could get ugly

Oliver Michael Burston 9lb 1/2 oz 12th Feb 08
Not met him yet, big bugger apparently, his parents are pretty so i cant see him being the runt of the litter thats for sure.

So now all babies are born and out of the way Drew and I will most probably be picking up a new car in a couple of weeks, good old Daniel has found us a mark 3 Golf thats going into his garage as part x and rang us the minute he found out. Its only done 105,000 miles on a P reg so all good, the only down side is its WHITE yes white but its a Turbo diesel so cant winge, will be much easier on the bank account so wOOt!

Thursday 7 February 2008

and Christmas has finally gone.........

Thank god its over, I always get really excited near xmas and always ends up being shit in one way or another the same with birthdays!
Tis a new year and babies being born all around me or due soonish (stamp stamp) ill be putting our babysitting rates up soon i should think lol. We may get our flat this year , it was meant to be March but now apparently June.......we shall see. We are making trips to the dump every Saturday morning for a while to get rid of the piles of shit accumulated at the shop over the years, think a skip may be in order lol.
After a short trip to see Dan on Saturday it turns out we will be keeping my pile of British junk they call FIESTA, for a little longer than we had hoped, gotta have the flat as a priority.

Sunday 25 November 2007

Christmas is finally here......

........Christmas is not offically here till one certain advert shows on the big shiney box.......