Monday, 23 April 2007

Familys suck!

Had a really good weekend , good company and good food till it was time for the family get together! I stupidly dragged Drew along with me for support as certain members of my family are assholes or just plain rude and i can usually count on my parents not to show me up but in the case it was different! All was good when we got there, everyone was fueled but booze and were happy till we settled down and my old man started, demanding Drew to fix the pc "this week" or else! Fucking cheek, as the nite progressed Gemma was her usual self, moody demanding John to do things for her as the three of us were chatting nicely, until the rents went home and Ami got out out the green stuff, well from then on she was getting more and more drunk and more and more stoned! Then my dear little sister decided to wind up the friend and put her fingers in rude places and then wipe her fingers on peoples faces, now this is a 21 year old girl with a year old daughter, how could anyone do this how disgusting and vulgar! This is where i come from for fuck sake and for Drew to stand and watch my sister flash her ass and let me tell u it aint a small one! I shall be having words with my mother and saying that Drew and I will no longer be joining in with family parties etc until the lost of them sort themselves out, i will never live this down!


Tonos said...

Bloody hell sweet, think you have every right to be annoyed, its not on. Hopefully your ultimatum will kick them all into shape!!

Least we won't embarress you pmsl

Alex said...

Christ. Sounds like Drew got a fair old eyefull, in more ways that one.