Saturday, 14 July 2007

Critic Report

Last night Drew and I put tiredness aside and went and saw Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, it's a MUST see film, the best HP film so far.
I felt myself glued from start to finish, lots of action, mystery and fun. Oh and not to forget Harry's first kiss, bless. As expected Mr Ronald Wessley was hilarious, very good jokes cracked. There are 2 loonies in there this time, twas a cracker!
As usual the Odeon was uncomfortable, sticky and load, alot of kids there even 3 yr olds! What are parents thinking taking kids that young, its a joke, like they even understand whats going on!
So to all that read this go and see it, it wont be a waste of money at all I promise.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Is It Just Me?

You know when u have a really emotional day or week,maybe lifetime when you say to yourself..... does anyone actually give a shit bout you? are the loveliest moments in your life a dream? is your life a joke or what?
These thoughts havent been in my head for a long time, but the fuckers are back now, maybe its the lack of nicotine but who knowws ..........................

5 days

It's been 5 days now since i've put a lovely, lovely fag in my mouth (or anything else!). The craving's haven't been too bad but im sure my family and colleagues would say otherwise! Sharon asked me not to look into a mirror this morning just in case it smashed, how rude?
I went to my appt with the nurse/mate who's helping me give up and took the carbon monoxide test again. On Monday my lungs where indicating 17 which to the scale is a moderate smoker but today it read 3, which is the lungs of a non-smoker in a non-polluted atmosphere. So thats pretty good i suppose.
I have also not had a drink so the cravings don't get worse, talk about cutting off my favorite things in life.

I'd like to say sorry to the one person who has put up with me being a ungrateful bitch and really moody for the past week, I love u hunny and im sorry xxxxxxxxx

Monday, 2 July 2007

End of day one!

It's the end of day one and ive gone 10 hours with no ciggie. 1st time ever, I dont even crave one, which for me is pretty good. Tomorrow morning will test me as I drive to Exeter and no fag in my hand.
Im not sure if I miss it yet, we will see

Please, please dont let me fail, dont tempt me nor take the piss.