Thursday, 29 March 2007

Apology worth waiting for! Kinda.....

Well i came home from work to find a blinding letter of apology from my boss for being a complete dick !i quote..." You are absolutely right in asking for an apology for my outburst in the kitchen" ....." I am ashamed of having done so and regret it very much. I have offered my apologies to the others present and would like to offer you my apologies too. It is not a good example in any way of how to manage a problem. I am sincerely sorry that you have been affected and very much hope you will accept my apology". Well i cant grumble as he was a fooking arse and deserved the letter that i sent him!

Monday, 26 March 2007

Positive Outlook

Im kinda learning to leave the job at work (if you know what i mean), a nice walk home airs my thoughts and makes me think of the good things in life such as love life(ahhhh, get the violins out), friends and family, the real things in my life. Other than work I couldn't be happier ive learnt who my real friends are which in some ways is poor as I can count them on one hand but it means i get to spend my time with people who i really care about and basically that is all that matters to me, im spending more time with Ami and Rubi which is really good and spending more time at home doing things that are needed to be done, ive calmed down a hell of a lot in the last six months, I think love has made me grow up and give me a positive outlook, more money to play with instead of sitting in the Whitehorse at nite and blowing all my dosh on fruit machines, I have time to finally relax and have time for myself, its bloody lovely in my new world and I never want it to end. I have a few people to thank for this but you know who u are and I love you lots. xxxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Life sucked out of me

Fuck, bollocks ,shit! I hate my job like no other, once again I arrive home in a really bad mood after working with a bunch of complete dumb shits!I only seem to enjoy working with 3 people out of a team of 30, I'm paid and qualified as a junior carer but seem to work as a senior and then get knocked back for being to bossy or doing jobs that are not in my job description. I'm only there as I need my level 3 in care to go further in life but my god its testing my patience like you wouldn't believe, I need a break, the only people that keep me going are my bloody lovely bloke and my closest friends which seems to be down to 4! They seem to be the only people who put a smile on my face, I keep telling myself that its only a few more months till finish my NVQ but can I really put up with that hell hole much longer? I very much doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Just got home from a bloody lovely weekend with my other half, well bout 4 days anyway! How he put up with me that long ill never know, he must have the patience of a saint lol. I bought the cutest bear ever from " The Bears Workshop" in town for my niece, hehe, those who have heard me bang on about it all weekend tuff coz i think its cool! Went out for a Chinese Friday nite, nice grub but the fact i had to show the waitress what vodka was and show her where it was on the till takes the bloody piss. may have take out from there but never again will i eat there. being a country girl we only have real smirnoff vodka around here in the pubs, but in Exeter they mainly sell cheap crap, i personally dont mind the stuff drink is drink to me but there are some others that make them ill, so if u ask for vodka and coke you should at least have a preference on which vodka but my fault i should of checked. Went to a house party saturday nite to find a 15 year old boy sat wearing a dress, with a man united t-shirt over the top! Strange but too Drew has a pic, apparently he also has a wig at home, what is becoming of the kids these days?
I completely agree with Tonos i bloody love sundays , we spent the whole day in bed, well i did and Drew played on the Xbox hehe, we got dressed just to pop round the corner and get grub and back to watch more police academy and a nice early eve to bed mmm mmm mmm!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Welcome to Stacey's Blog

Welcome to Stacey's Blog

This is my first post on my blog, i have absolutely no idea what i am doing so if it all looks completely naff, then you will have to leave me a comment! if you dont then tuff and put up with it! lol x x