Friday, 6 July 2007

5 days

It's been 5 days now since i've put a lovely, lovely fag in my mouth (or anything else!). The craving's haven't been too bad but im sure my family and colleagues would say otherwise! Sharon asked me not to look into a mirror this morning just in case it smashed, how rude?
I went to my appt with the nurse/mate who's helping me give up and took the carbon monoxide test again. On Monday my lungs where indicating 17 which to the scale is a moderate smoker but today it read 3, which is the lungs of a non-smoker in a non-polluted atmosphere. So thats pretty good i suppose.
I have also not had a drink so the cravings don't get worse, talk about cutting off my favorite things in life.

I'd like to say sorry to the one person who has put up with me being a ungrateful bitch and really moody for the past week, I love u hunny and im sorry xxxxxxxxx

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