Saturday, 14 July 2007

Critic Report

Last night Drew and I put tiredness aside and went and saw Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, it's a MUST see film, the best HP film so far.
I felt myself glued from start to finish, lots of action, mystery and fun. Oh and not to forget Harry's first kiss, bless. As expected Mr Ronald Wessley was hilarious, very good jokes cracked. There are 2 loonies in there this time, twas a cracker!
As usual the Odeon was uncomfortable, sticky and load, alot of kids there even 3 yr olds! What are parents thinking taking kids that young, its a joke, like they even understand whats going on!
So to all that read this go and see it, it wont be a waste of money at all I promise.

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Tonos said...

might just wait till it comes out on DVD not sure i wanna see it in the cinemmmmmmmmmmmmmmma..