Monday, 12 March 2007

Just got home from a bloody lovely weekend with my other half, well bout 4 days anyway! How he put up with me that long ill never know, he must have the patience of a saint lol. I bought the cutest bear ever from " The Bears Workshop" in town for my niece, hehe, those who have heard me bang on about it all weekend tuff coz i think its cool! Went out for a Chinese Friday nite, nice grub but the fact i had to show the waitress what vodka was and show her where it was on the till takes the bloody piss. may have take out from there but never again will i eat there. being a country girl we only have real smirnoff vodka around here in the pubs, but in Exeter they mainly sell cheap crap, i personally dont mind the stuff drink is drink to me but there are some others that make them ill, so if u ask for vodka and coke you should at least have a preference on which vodka but my fault i should of checked. Went to a house party saturday nite to find a 15 year old boy sat wearing a dress, with a man united t-shirt over the top! Strange but too Drew has a pic, apparently he also has a wig at home, what is becoming of the kids these days?
I completely agree with Tonos i bloody love sundays , we spent the whole day in bed, well i did and Drew played on the Xbox hehe, we got dressed just to pop round the corner and get grub and back to watch more police academy and a nice early eve to bed mmm mmm mmm!

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