Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Life sucked out of me

Fuck, bollocks ,shit! I hate my job like no other, once again I arrive home in a really bad mood after working with a bunch of complete dumb shits!I only seem to enjoy working with 3 people out of a team of 30, I'm paid and qualified as a junior carer but seem to work as a senior and then get knocked back for being to bossy or doing jobs that are not in my job description. I'm only there as I need my level 3 in care to go further in life but my god its testing my patience like you wouldn't believe, I need a break, the only people that keep me going are my bloody lovely bloke and my closest friends which seems to be down to 4! They seem to be the only people who put a smile on my face, I keep telling myself that its only a few more months till finish my NVQ but can I really put up with that hell hole much longer? I very much doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drew said...

Im sure you will do ok hunni ;)
only a few months to go, then you will finally be rid of them xx

Tonos said...

chin up babe, not long xx