Monday, 26 March 2007

Positive Outlook

Im kinda learning to leave the job at work (if you know what i mean), a nice walk home airs my thoughts and makes me think of the good things in life such as love life(ahhhh, get the violins out), friends and family, the real things in my life. Other than work I couldn't be happier ive learnt who my real friends are which in some ways is poor as I can count them on one hand but it means i get to spend my time with people who i really care about and basically that is all that matters to me, im spending more time with Ami and Rubi which is really good and spending more time at home doing things that are needed to be done, ive calmed down a hell of a lot in the last six months, I think love has made me grow up and give me a positive outlook, more money to play with instead of sitting in the Whitehorse at nite and blowing all my dosh on fruit machines, I have time to finally relax and have time for myself, its bloody lovely in my new world and I never want it to end. I have a few people to thank for this but you know who u are and I love you lots. xxxx


Tonos said...

As previously stated you are more than welcome honey. Glad you are so happy. Tis my pleasure, long may it continue. Fuck work, it's not worth the hassle xx

Malibu Stacey said...

why thank you sweet xx

Alex said...

Don't take it home with you if you can at all help it hon, will only bring you down. You need to enjoy the free time you have.