Monday, 21 May 2007

3 Working Days Left!

Well it's finally here, our holiday..... 3 working days left, then wash and pack the car and off I go. We are rising early on Friday morning meeting up with everyone and to Newquay we will go wOOt!!!! 3 days of alot of sexy cars, sun, drink and weed, just how RTTS should be. It's a new experience for me this year, new people, new itinerary and new boyfriend. Then it's a week of chilled out time being tourists and pissing the locals off by not knowing where to go and I have to lose to Buzz coz of a 5 yr old, not happy im actually really good at it!

So.... the next few days im gunna be washing and packing my stuff together and getting more excited, god help Drew and Vicki when i get to Exeter on Thursday, i probably wont sleep and be up really really early Friday jumping about wanting to go lol!

So my lovely readers which I think is only three, this is my last post till June and then god help u all again, coz it's my birthday, another year older, but that will have to be another blog all together.


1 comment:

Tonos said...

Excited much are we?

I'm glad I don't live in your house this week, you'd be a nightmare to live with.

Have fun sweet, enjoy yourself xx