Monday, 14 May 2007

Aint life just blooming lovely at the mo?

It seems to me that even tho the weather has been really quite poo at the moment, alot of people are really happy! Tonos is complete with her life so she is probably grinning like a Cheshire cat, Laura is finally getting there with her stuff and then theres me........ well what can i say, im finally motoring along with my NVQ at last gunna get that done asap so no-one has to listen to me bitching bout it anymore, then I can wave bye bye to me country bumpkin roots as some people wont let me forget where I come from (yes Drew thats you) im getting stuff inline money etc etc and well i have the best relationship in history coz a certain someone is bloody lovely apart from when he takes the piss out of my shark phobia which gave me two nightmares at the weekend after having the shit scared right out of me on Friday eve which left me tired and grumpy Saturday lol! I have the feeling far too many people know about this now so im leaving that subject closed for now. I quote from Miss Tonos " love you guys" including Hole i suppose but only if he takes the awful pics of me off the internet!!!!!


Tonos said...

I am indeed grinning like a cheshire cat, but I'm not the only one :)

I must say how enjoyable your most recent post was. It had laughter, nearly tears (again)and was a very pleasant read. One thing tho, I would like to introduce you to the FULL STOP.

It's that little dot on the keyboard next to the /


Only kidding sweet love you loads xxxxxxxxx

Alex said...