Monday, 4 June 2007

All Over Now

Well the holiday is now over and I just cried when I said goodbye to Drew!
Well RTTS was different met alot of new people, all really nice, really enjoyed the cruising and perving on nice cars. Watched some daft prick on a bike doing a burnout all over some other blokes white car bet it wasn't so funny when it came to cleaning it!
I think Run To The Sun should be Run To The Rain from now on, it was a complete wash out all weekend, we managed to put up the tents etc in dry weather on the Friday but from then on the weather let us down completely, Sunday was meant to be show day but there was no way anyone should walk about in that weather just to get muddy and fall up on their arses just to see the same old modified cars as years before, so we gave it a miss and went shopping, or should i say Drew, Stu and Ria went shopping I just followed.
We decided to stay out of the rain and play a few games of pool in the games room with a few drinks and wait for the others, I went off to get some shower stuff together to come back and find out that everyone has decided to be a load of fanny's and disappear home or to a hotel, but the hard nuts we are, Drew and I put up with it and stayed on camp in the tent playing cards and some 24 text game ( of which i do not understand) oh and drink and smoke kept us going through the awful wind and rain.
When we woke on Monday morning we opened the tent to find glorious blue skies all around, so off we went for a nice cooked breakfast, packed up the tents and cars of off to do our laundry.

The Next Holiday

At 4pm we finally booked into our caravan for the week, got unpacked and sorted ourselves out when I happened to come across a leaflet that said there were fireworks on at Land's End that evening, and me being a huge fireworks fan got everyone to agree to drive the hour long journey to watch them, and what a fab show it was, it made my holiday complete, I had Drew, Fireworks and was also on holiday there was nothing more I could have wanted but warmth. lol
The rest of the week was good, i got burnt, thrown out of the kitchen and stoned a bit more. I wasnt totally fussed what we got up to the rest of the week as we had a little chap with us and basically had to make sure he was kept busy most of the time.
I managed to get in a bit of me time, as I do need to chill in my own company for a while, but poor Drew thought he had upset me, bless him. I need my space when im around people alot and I think I may of needed to tell him this beforehand so Im sorry hunny, you now know for future reference lol.

Friday came and time to go home, bloody traffic was a little busy but overall not to bad, got back To the Drew household and sort of emptied the car and to finish off we had a fry up. Managed to get some "us" time" in over the weekend and went for a nice walk and picnic at Stover Country Park and then to Berties for curry that eve, so Drew, thanks for a lush holiday darling and just hope the next one aint too far away. Will miss waking up to you so much, got used to you after a while. Love you xxxxxx

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