Tuesday, 19 June 2007

It's Almost Here!

Well its 6 days to my birthday, wOOt!

Ive just had my hair cut and coloured, thought i'd treat myself. Things have been arranged for the weekend but not totally sure what they could be, which makes it more exciting. Drew and Toni have been scheming as usual so i'm sure it will be a birthday to remember, probably the best as I have a man this time round, excluding my 21st!

1 more day at work and 6 off, cant wait, i can full on chill in harmony. I like countdown's to big events as you may be able to tell from the last one, lol.

And if I cry its because im happy that I have the people I want around me and because im the happiest ive ever been!


Tonos said...

Scheming? whos that then? lol

are you going to do a me on your birthday lol...

we will shower you with lots of love hahahaha xxx

Drew said...

Now its your birthday!!!

Happy birthday darling ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx