Monday, 12 May 2008

A summer weekend

Thank god the weather decided to get better for the weekend, it was lush!
On friday I pushed the boat out and washed the car, I was even contemplating washing the " 2 " aswell lol. SDat we spent the day at Drew's cousins, sunning myself in the sun and putting up a huge tent Lyn and Nic let us have, which was promptly followed by a BBQ. Bloody top it all off we popped round to Gee and Amanda's had loads of fun on the wii.
Sunday Vic and I bought the curtains for the flat, not s expensive as I thought so all good and later went down double locks with Toni, Alex and my fav little amn Ryan, was really nice, I got left alone with him for bought an hour and we chatted loads lol.
But after such a nice weekend a big black cloud seemed to sit above me and ive been miserable ever since, I couldnt get to sleep now Im wide awake and have been since 8.30 am, morning off i'll have you know and still cant shake it off!

1 comment:

Drew said...

twas indeed a lush weekend!
really enjoyed sat :)

bummer that i had to work on sunday
but needs must lol

hope you cloud has lifted now my love ;) xxxxx love you always xxxx