Monday, 30 June 2008

A Busy Life

Tis been a busy few weeks, hence no posts! It has eased up recently since we finished the finishing touches to the flat.My parents spent a few hours down with us putting up curtain rails etc etc. The flat is finished apart from the main electric hook up which is taking a fooking long time to sort out!
I even managed to drag Drew to Tesco's the other week to do a bit of shopping, tins, jars etc which was fun and also made a nice dent in the joint acount mmmwwwaaaahhhhh!

Last week it was my birthday and my gorgeous man treated me to a day out in London Baby! We had a great day, took a bus tour round the city which was fab, followed by a shopping trip down Oxford Street and then onto the London Eye. It was an amazing adventure, unfortunatly we didnt have much time but we did it. On arrival back to Exeter we took a pit stop to Toni and Alex's for my pressie which is sooooooooo cool, it was the front cover of heat magazine "Im going to London to buy heat magazine"! It has pics of me all over it, young and old, also Drew, Ryan and my Matty made front cover. I LOVE IT SO MUCH, thanks guys!

On Friday we went to see MEATLOAF in Plymouth, he was fantastic, a little slow but brilliant, def the best concert ive been too so far.
By this time I was exhusted, completly burnt out so spent Saturday in bed together untill the "2" needed a splish splash before the meet on Sunday.
Also got a tad drunk Saturday nite at Colins 60th bash at the Con Club and I may have been a little sick lol!

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